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people can swim. >> reporter: emergency responders met thursday afternoon to make sure everybody was prepared for the potential for tropical storm force wind, flooding in the low lying areas and game debris. >> the idea is to get the word out. ask everybody to use caution, prepare for tropical winds, that's what we're going to get. >> reporter: two conventions scheduled for this weekend will go on as scheduled. the high winds are expect to go down friday afternoon, the rip currents still will remain, swimming has been restricted likely through saturday.? we have our plans for the city and ready to go and ready to go through it. >> reporter: those were the other folks meeting this afternoon, what to do after hurricane earl leaves, how to clean up quickly t waves crashing in right now. a lot of the people on the beach didn't bring that you're sites and towels, they brought their binoculars and taking a look at the surf hurricane earl is kicking up here, really is
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quite an impressive sight to see. they are expecting the highest winds to be around 8:00 in the morning, all day, running 5:00 through 1:00 in the afternoon, after that expected to get pretty nice out here, not expecting a lot of labor day visitors to hurricane redown here through friday, when that high wind is going, i tell you even a rain drop at 30, 40 miles per hour, doesn't feel too good. neither does sand. all going to be kicking up tomorrow morning, not expecting a very busy morning on the beach. however, once it gets through friday afternoon into saturday they are expecting a full and busy labor day holiday weekend. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. . all right. thank you so much chris, surf is up down there, you see that one guy? that is probably a 6, 7-foot wave coming in there at the end. let's take a look at the latest on still category 3 hurricane earl as he makes his way up the east coast. you could see those outer rings beginning to slide past ocean city, the bulk of the storm now beginning to push its way into
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the outer banks, north carolina. it is making a slight turn to the north, packing wildebeast to 115 miles per hour. a different perspective if you have a radar view. the center of the storm still about 200 miles off the carolina coast. the storm still 375 miles southeast of ocean city. that's really what we're looking at. and a different perspective from high above. we have had a ground report there oceanside, but you can see these waves growing through the afternoon, an skies dark engineer a bit as earl max his approach from the south. still just under 400 miles away, the center of the storm at least, we expect it to get much closer than that by midday tomorrow. that will be sort of the peak time, 28 degrees, gusting to 30. if your travel plans take you down to any of the beaches, delaware, maryland, virginia, looking good weather wise after tomorrow but the surf will be up. 10-footers tomorrow and still 4 to 6-foot waves and dangerous rip currents saturday.
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probably not that safe of a swim as we get into saturday and labor day monday. much more on earl as it max its approach. our live team coverage continues from ocean city. don harrison likes to give us a better idea of how vacationers and residents are actually getting ready for whatever earl brings. sam? >> reporter: kelly, we're down here you know, when i started at 4:00 this morning it was 76 degrees, it got a little warmer throughout the day, now dropped down to about 74 degrees, so we're standing by to see what earl is gonna do. we're going in the labor day weekend. the city is taking all the precautions they can. when you come to a vacation town like this, as ai did, if you look around you get to see a lot of interesting people. the boardwalk looks like a normal city day. surfers learned that big sur have means better rides. little kids find that high
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waves make bubbles travel further. meet walter williams. >> i'm not afraid of it. i have been through several here and never had no problems. >> walter has been down here for 30 years and has seen it all. he carries pictures around of hurricanes that did a lot more damage than it looks like earl will do. >> these stores had 4 feet of sand in 'em. >> walter also served in world war ii as an infantry man under general patton. he hasn't felt the effects of earl yes yet. he views this hurricane like his old war days. >> the same way when i was in the service. if i wasn't being shot at i didn't have to worry. . >> reporter: well walter was quite a character and i can tell you no shots have been fired yet but earl is loading up. we will see what kind of ammo he brings. we're standing by, it's going to be about 24 hours from now. it might be on the way out. so we'll see what happens for now. don harrison in ocean city, kelly, back to you. >> thanks a lot don, good workout there. very. you know from the shore lineup to that direct line that
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gets you there abc 2 news is everywhere all over this storm. brian kuebler is live tracking the traffic for us tonight. brian? >> well right now kelly i can tell you both directions on the bay bridge are moving very well as many people are struggling with whether or not to stay or go. >> as surf churns millions pray. they are trying to make their last stand. ray pervade oh made his decision, he got he and his family off north carolina's outer banks back home before their beach week was through. >> last sunday, supposed to stay through sunday of this week, and we're kind of expecting them to have a mandatory evacuation so we left yesterday to avoid all the traffic. >> that paid off as did his decision to get vacation insurance for the first time these days. others aren't so fortunate or
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cautious. >> so what i am reading is you're going to go to your vacation and you don't care what is happening. >> i care but it's not going to impact my ability to have a good time. >> reporter: jennifer fits moore is headed to virginia and earl, she says, can churn all he wants, she is not concerned. >> not overly. i bring board games. we're safe,. >> reporter: safe is the operative word. thousands of people going to or from the beach. >> a lot of folks in ocean city are probably hoping it stays out in the atlantic. >> maybe so. but exactly where earl hits and with how much force still all remains to be seen. reporting live on ken island brian kuebler, abc 2 news. from ken island back to ocean city, abc 2 news is your hurricane earl headquarters,
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let's check in with justin burke who is on the front lines with the very latest. we had a live shot from north carolina at 5:00 and you could definitely tell the difference from the pictures there and the way we're looking at in ocean city tonight. >> no doubt kelly. i'll tell you as we've got on the air at 4:00 even though the tide is pulling out we're actually watching those waves grow a little stronger, check 24 out. this is where we get the funny influence of sand and water and sea spray with technology but i am hooked up with surf line here, they have one measurement that we believe this is a buoy offshore, you can see that, 13 to 18 feet waves. now basically 12-foot out of the south, southeast, that's the movement from the storm earl. that approach again, 13 to 18 feet, but wire also looking at some other conditions, ranging from 5 to 6 feet. look over my shoulder, it's not just having an eye patch on the beach. that is meteorologist, yeah, jacob ray who came from weather bug, we have got ourselves, yeah, live weather conditions
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here on the beach and nobody else got that in baltimore and this will be streaming online through if you have the weather bug you can get that information as well. again, the winds are light now, looking at 10 miles per hour winds, and we are expecting that to increase. by daybreak tomorrow we do expect to have the worst conditions here. now it's roughly 2:40 to 3:00 in the morning with high tide. that is going to be of major interest when we're having that push out have the southeast, and maybe a storm surge of about 3 feet on top of 10 to 20- foot waves. the closest pass of the storm is expected to be somewhere between sunrise and maybe 10:00 in the morning. san as we get morning day light it's going to look so much different here, perhaps over my shoulder you can see where that water line is. that was the last high tide. the next high tide is going to be much much higher i will tell you now these people are gathering, a lot of excitement as they are watching these
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large swells and some angry breakers come in, some really anxious surfers. i was talking to one of the beach patrol earlier on, a very modest gentleman who did not want to give his name on camera but i asked him if there were any rescues today. he had this byfuglien. he said you know i had one. two william with one of their children just watching the waves. they were about knee deep and the under toe took them out t young girl got lost in the whitewash, hedo in immediately and he said it was a close call. if he wasn't right there she would have been lost and pulled out to sea. so it's compensating for these people who are standing on dry ground now watching it but still is dangerous out there even for those surfers. one guy broke his board about a half hour ago but they will be pushing it at least until day light is lost. a different scene tomorrow, expecting the waves crashing in through the parking lot at the inlet and some minory roads, if not some flooding onto the
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bayside as well. we're live in ocean city back to you in the studio. >> coverage of hurricane earl doesn't stop here, here is what is coming up after the break. >> do you remember earl's older sister? we'll visit an area heavily damaged by hurricane isabel. hurricane earl a couple hours ago finding wind to 115 miles per hour as it max its initial impact on the carolina coast. we'll talk about what it will do to maryland later on tonight.
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as in strawberries, ] new blackberries,oothies from mccafé are real fruit, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪ . well this hurricane may continue to cause problems up the east coast but to the relief of many it seems that earl is no isobel. that storm struck in september
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of 2003 and, even as a tropical storm moving across western maryland and pennsylvania, isobel created major flooding. roosevelt leftwich joins us now with more. rosy. >> they are sending out the usual cautions but earl should be more of a nuisance on the eastern shore than on this side of the bay. but if you have been through one big storm you always pay attention. it's pretty hard to talk about bad weather when it's 90 degrees and sunny outside and the forecast for your area calls for much of the same on the next day as well. hurricane earl is expected to brush maryland almost 200 miles away from hafer degrace. no one is patten down the hatches but they do remember earl's older sister. hurricane isobel touched off a storm surge that ripped up the waterfront. the light house was left as an island. >> when that water came in slowly rising, a little bit at a time, it todayed the basement
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of '01, it flooded the basement of '03, and then i watched it coming up on our driveway. >> the decoy museum was able to avoid any serious flooding from that storm but the staff spent a nervous few days inside ready to move their decoys, the if things looked bad. it was ripped apart at the front door. >> i had gone upstairs, i was trying to shut it. i gt it shut but you can see where the wind is vibrating, and i thought this is not the place top to be. >> you thought the glass was going to shutter. >> i thought for sure the windows were going down. >> reporter: if anything good came out it is the fact the community worked together to get things back together. they worked to restore the promenade. they rolled up their sleeves and put it back. that group of youngsters did a great job and -- but they were there under the, they got
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instructions and so forth from the professional people. >> reporter: now, again, harford county authorities encourage folks to always have a hurricane kit prepared and handy, so for this time, this will be a game to watch as we see as earl, whether or not it will be someone else's problem this time around. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. . >> so what are we looking at now in terms of the storm? >> well kelly, right now, it is moving right off the carolina coast, it's beginning to turn out to sea. >> okay. >> but a large chunk of this storm will come very, very close to ocean city, delaware beaches, virginia beach, so this is as close as you can get. this thing is turning just in time. we're happy about that. but some of the storms pass, this storm reminds us of storms like gloria, agnes, big hurricane coming very, very close. let's take a look at maryland's most powerful radar, we've got it in an extended sweep load
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right now, picking up these bands, even the eye wall circulation it here on what is now hurricane earl, category 3 version, at 115 miles per hour sustained winds, we finally had some weakening with this storm today t outer eye wall here and then you see a little bit of tightening here, it's interesting, the storm actually doing its cycles but this area of water, even though we have the warm gulf stream waters coming up this area as it approaches north and northern carolina is cooler water so that actual working against hurricane earl keeping its strength. different perspective here now. our tropical satellite uses radar superimposed on top of that satellite radar view imposed on top to have the satellite view. you can see this storm already beginning to push into ohka coke island and matt a russ, and soon will be hitting them this evening. >> the forecast model interesting as we track this thing. not looking for a lot of rain, we may see a passing shower or
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two, more showers from easton back through cambridge out toward ocean city. the heaviest and the biggest wind, the heaviest rains staying just off of ocean city. i mean this is a close close run. and we're skirting the edge of it here and kind of just barely getting out of what otherwise would be some much hotter water. beach forecast, careful out in the surf. 6, 7-foot waves tonight, 10- foot rollers tomorrow, 4 to 6 feet of wave action, even though skies will clear up tomorrow night and beautiful weather for your three day weekend down at the beach, rough waive action until we get into at least sunday, forecast on the bay, high tides running higher than normal. especially as you head downward the mouth of the bay. this hurricane is a large one, and has been tracking due north, an ominous track. in the end of the loop you see a slight movement due north to
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northeast, that is going to continue and should continue to pull the storm further out to sea, but a 3d satellite view, volume et rick, you can see the height of these storm tops. the good thing we don't think about hurricanes is how tall they are, some of these storm tops reaching 50, 60,000 feet or higher into the atmosphere and that's the sign of a very large storm, very deep deep convex. the track, the yellow tropical storm force winds, the orange your weaker hurricane winds generally speaking. those are hit hat a russ through the weekend. this is 2:00 or 3:00 friday afternoon, out of the woods as we go into friday evening, the last of those gusty winds clear the beaches in ocean city. the storm moving north at 16, you can see the key entitlement frame for the beach noon tomorrow. people that were going to head down early for the 3-day weekend maybe udrih it to friday night or saturday morning because by then we'll be all clear, you can see the
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last of this thing pooling out by leighton friday evening. back here it's actually going to be quiet on the range, 70 top in baltimore, not much wind tomorrow. partly cloudy, we could see a few showers mainly to the east. it will be stormier back over on the eastern shore but 64 tomorrow night as even the beaches clear out as hurricane earl makes its welcome fart tour from the area and st. seven-day forecast, sunny and much cooler, both in baltimore and at the beach, all three-day weekend long, saturday through monday. kelly. >> thanks a lot wyatt. more now on the people actually choosing to ride out the storm on maryland's eastern shore. talked with some of them today, the reasons why they are choosing to stay. looks like a lot of people are into wave watching at this point joce. >> that's right kelly. people are out here, watching the waves, or surfing in them. it's dangerous stuff. check in out. have a idea, the surfer i talked to just around 5:00,
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about 3 minutes after we talked to him he went out into that surf, was on a wave, it snapped the board in half. so even for surfers, the experienced people out here, these are dangerous waves. he said this is nothing compared to what we're going to be getting these next couple days. so they have said they are here to watch the waves, surf. these people are all out here just because they want to see what earl is made of. at peppers on the boardwalk they are packing it in, moving everything that is not nailed down. but they are making sure everyone knows they are still open. just in case they want to stick around. >> it's pretty exciting and i'm gonna stay one more night here just to see if i can get a little bit of it. >> reporter: he was supposed too leave ocean city today but he is staying just to catch a small taste of the action. waves, wind, water, he wants whatever earl has to offer. >> i don't know if you're going to make it but when you do
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you've got an adrenalin rush for a year. >> reporter: adrenalin junkies up and down the boardwalk just watching. >> hope our roof doesn't employee off. >> reporter: his palacen't seen damage since hurricane gloria so he plans to plant himself on the third floor of the seascape, a front seat for mother nature's show. >> we need all the excitement wee can get. >> reporter: week shop owner jack says he expects it will dry up tomorrow as bikers head for higher ground. >> hopefully saturday i'll be back at it. . >> reporter: so you see all these people out here on the shoreline. most of them have just been shelling out, they want to take their pictures, families out here, kids, they want to show everybody what these waves look like because this is not typical for ocean city, it's usually pretty calm. even here at the inlet you are not going to see waves like this. right now breaking about 6 feet, pretty amazing stuff. good surfing but unfortunately
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i don't think i'm going to get very far with this board. if i decide to go out in the waves. probably not the best idea, but if i do thanks for this board, i'm probably going to take another one. joce sterman, live in ocean city. >> stay with abc 2 news for complete coverage, live coverage as earl moves up the coast. "good morning maryland" starts 1 hour early and our live coverage will continue throughout the day. stay with us, we're going to take a final look at the forecast after the break. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean.
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. >> abc 2 news is brought to you by aaa. use it for all its worth. . , all right kelly, one last check of this thing on
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maryland's most powerful radar, you can see the outer bandsen depending to come ashore in north carolina so we will continue to see the weather going downhill up and down the mid-atlantic coast. different view here, still a large powerful hurricane, this is a category 3 storm and the outer clouds we'll be able to see in southern maryland and ocean city here in the next couple hours, whether really goes down overnight and into day tomorrow. we'll be tracking it all evening on abc 2. >> all right. that's it for us. have a great night.
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